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You don’t have to be an actor!  Theatre has many more facets than just acting. We are constantly looking for people who are interested in being involved with other areas like: Directing, Stage Management, Make-up, Props, Sound, Lighting, Publicity, Wardrobe, Front-of-House, etc.


The most important thing any member can offer is commitment and a willingness to “pitch in”.


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UPDATE: this production has now been fully cast


'PRIVATE LIVES - an intimate comedy'


Written by Noël Coward

Directed by Sarah Lovesy


Private Lives is a comedy about something profound - it is about LOVE, about being alive, about trying to be happy and how hard that is as being in love can make you bonkers!!  Crazy love is therefore the undeniably scrumptious theme of the play.  This theme interrogates the idea that “do you opt for love that is safe and comfortable or do you opt for something that is incredibly destructive but burns fiercely and brightly?” This is a very contemporary question. 

The plot outline is intimate, funny, sensuous and full of coincidences.  Elyot and Sibyl are newlyweds and are on their honeymoon.  Coincidently, Amanda and Victor are honeymooning right next door to their suite with an adjoining patio.  Nothing too strange about this except that Amanda and Elyot used to be married to each other a few years back.   Now they find the moonlight and their nearness irresistible and all their romantic feelings for each other coming flooding back, causing them to abandon their new spouses. The poor, bereft and much saner spouses, Sibyl and Victor, are left to ponder how it all could have gone so terribly wrong so horribly fast.  Into this mix comes Louise, the French Maid, whose inability to speak English and her incomprehension of the bizarre occurrences in the Paris apartment provide great comedy.

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