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When a handful of locals joined together in 1966 to provide entertainment for themselves and the young community of Elanora we don’t imagine they considered the long-term outcome. In the intervening years hundreds of members have performed on stage, worked in the many technical and backstage areas and quite a few have directed. They have learned new skills, developed and shared them, many going onto professional work, and many spending a small part of their life with us. Some of us have been around for quite a while and hopefully will be here for many years to come.       



Elanora Players are looking for directors for programmes in 2020 and beyond.

A $500 honorarium will be paid to all directors who produce and direct a successful, full-length production.

If you think you have what it takes, please Contact Us and fill out the email fields provided. We would love to hear from you!  

Our 2018-19 Price Increase 

Dear Friends of Elanora Players

Due to a mountain of circumstances above and beyond our control, we have been forced to increase our ticket pricing by the smallest amount. This decision has been made by the Elanora Players Committee following approximately five years of rising costs and recently a notice from Council to remove our props etc held at the hall to a storage area elsewhere thereby adding to our burgeoning costs.

Beginning our 2019 showcase prices will increase as follows;

Full price $28.00 each

Concession $25.00

and Group $22.00 each

We do hope you understand our predicament and will continue to support us, your local theatre group, going forward as you have in the past.



We would love to hear your feedback on our productions

Please Contact Us and tell us what you thought of the show!

The director, cast and crew greatly appreciate hearing from our patrons.




Written by Don Zolidis

Directed by Robert Longley

Robert Longley has been given the privilege of directing the Jan 2019 production, 'The Bold, the Young, and the Murdered' by Don Zolidis.

The story line is about a long running and profitable soap opera that is in serious decline. Are the Bold getting too old? Are the Young having no fun? Have the scriptwriters Murdered the plot? The 'excellent' producer has come up with a plan to save the show. Will it be succesful or will it just suck? Is the plan going to be as useful as smoke signals in a strong breeze; or semaphore flags at night?  For the answers to these burning questions come along in January! 

For the cast details check out our productions page.   


Fri 11th Jan 8pm*

Sat 12th Jan, 3pm & 8pm

Sun 13th Jan,11am & 3pm

Thu 17th Jan, 8pm

Fri 18th Jan 8pm

Sat 19th Jan, 3pm & 8pm

* Fri 11th Jan - Opening Night - complimentary drinks/nibbles following the show and an opportunity to mingle with the cast


Theatre Venue

49-51 Kalang Rd
Elanora Heights
NSW 2101

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