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You don’t have to be an actor!  Theatre has many more facets than just acting. We are constantly looking for people who are interested in being involved with other areas like: Directing, Stage Management, Make-up, Props, Sound, Lighting, Publicity, Wardrobe, Front-of-House, etc.


The most important thing any member can offer is commitment and a willingness to “pitch in”.


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Vicki Casterina has accepted the role of director and has chosen the play Mr. Bennet's Bride. 


James Bennet - 28 years old. (Inspired by Mr Bennet of Pride and Prejudice.)

Robert Bennet - James' father, 50-60.

Mary Ellingworth - James' aunt, Robert's sister, 50s.

Benedict Collins - Robert and Mary's cousin, 50s.

Mrs Graves - the house keeper, 50-70.

George Gardiner - Attorney at law, 40-50.

Sarah Gardiner - his wife, 40-50.

Emily Gardiner - his daughter, 17. (Inspired by Mrs Bennet of Pride and Prejudice.)

Mrs Bowman - 45-55. (Can be doubled with Sarah Gardiner)

Clara Bowman - early 20s. (Can be doubled with Emily.)    


Set in the 1980s, twenty five years before the novel Pride and Prejudice opens, the play examines how the ill-suited couple Mr and Mrs Bennet, portrayed with such humour in that famous novel, met and decided to marry.

The play reading date is Wednesday 5 December 2018, auditions Wednesday 12 December 2018. Both events begin at 7:30pm in the Elanora Heights Community Centre, 49A Kalang Rd, Elanora Heights.


For enquiries phone Vicki Castrorina on 0409 896 063

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