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April: Postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions

January: Calendar Girls directed by Robert Longley


October: Corporate Vibes directed by Bill Akhurst

July: Boeing Boeing directed by Sarah Lovesey

April: The Odd Couple (Female Version) directed by Vicki Castorina

January: The Bold, The Young & The Murdered directed by Robert Longley


October: Fury directed by Jen Davidson

July: The Accused directed by Kerrie King

April: Private Lives – An Intimate Comedy directed by Sarah Lovesy

January: Glorious! The Story of Florence Foster Jenkins directed by Tracey Keene


October: The Actress directed by Bill Akhurst

July: How the Other Half Loves directed by Kerrie King

April: The Memory of Water directed by Sarah Lovesy

January: Hotel Sorrento directed by Jen Davidson


January:  Whose Life Is It Anyway

April:  Table Manners

July:   The Cemetery Club

October:   Old Actors Never Die … They Just Lose the Plot


January:  No production

April:  The Sacred Flame

July:   Wife After Death

October:   Just The Ticket


January:  Over the River and Through the Woods directed by Bill Akhurst

April:  Minefields & Miniskirts directed by Robert Longley

July:  Moonlight & Magnolias directed by Kerrie King

October:  No production


January:  The Nightingales directed by Ian MacArthur

April:  Emerald City directed by Kerrie King

July:  Winter Wit directed by (various)

October:  No production


January : Curtain Up directed by Kerrie King

April: Blithe Spirit directed by Wade Orth

July: Natural Causes directed by Bill Akhurst

October: Wait Until Dark by Robert Longley


April: The Glass Menagerie directed by Wade Orth

July: Charitable Intent … and other short plays directed by Martin Bell et al

October: You’re Only Young Twice directed by Bill Akhurst


October: Murdered to Death directed by Tracey Keene

July: One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest directed by Kerrie King and Liz Arday

April: A Better You directed by Bill Akhurst


December: Snow White directed by Penny Day

October: Gaslight directed by Wade Orth

July: Influence directed by Kerrie King

April: Triple Treat  – 3 short plays
directed by Penny Day, Sheila Edwards & Kerrie King

January: Summer End directed by Sheila Edwards


October: Haywire directed by Kerrie King

July: Love Begins At Fifty directed by Bill Akhurst and Tracey Keene

April: Stages Of Life  – 4 short plays
directed by Vanessa Macarthur, Tracey Keene, Louise Forder & Kerrie King

January: Present From The Past directed by Wade Orth


July: The Movie Game directed by Kerrie King

April: Relative Values directed by Bill Akhurst

January: And Then There Were None directed by Ron Hare


October: Stepping Out directed by Kerrie King & Miriam Rihani

July: Postmortem directed by Denise Main

April: Tie Break directed by Miriam Rihani

January: Four Plays Down The Road  – 4 short plays
directed by Kerrie King, Bill Akhurst, Ian MacArthur & Sheila Edwards


October: Good Help Is So Hard To Murder directed by Bill Akhurst

July: Cat’s Cradle directed by Denise Main

April: Straight & Narrow directed by Bill Akhurst

January: Mostly Women – 4 short plays
directed by Jeannie Sarrington, Dominique Opdam, Denise Main & Vanessa MacArthur


October: Assembly Line Shuffle  – a RAPA Production

April: 1000 Miles From Care and other plays
directed by Bill Akhurst, Denise Main & John Shearer

January: Summer of the Seventeenth Doll directed by Denise Main


October: A Ghost On Tiptoe directed by Sheila Edwards

July: Penfriends directed by Bill Akhurst

January: Wanted One Body directed by Kathy Williamson


October: The Touch Of Silk directed by Wade Orth

July: A Murder Is Announced directed by Richard Womack & Denise Main

January: Tour Di Europa directed by Denise Main


October: Money + Friends directed by Bill Akhurst

July: Key For Two directed by Denise Main

April: It’s All Done With Mirrors 
directed by Kerrie King, John Shearer, Vanessa MacArthur & Chris Richardson

January: Go Back For Murder directed by Richard Womack


August: Year Nothing [Tamworth Festival] directed by Richard Womack

July: Carambas Revenge directed by Denise Main

April : Not The Easter Show 
directed by Denise Main, Vanessa MacArthur, Bill Akhurst & Kathy Williamson


October: Prisoner Of Second Avenue directed by Tonya Wheatley

July: Night Watch directed by Wade Orth

January: Don’t Drink The Water directed by Bill Akhurst


October: Call My Bluff, quiz night arranged by Sue Robertson

July: The Necklace & Other Stories directed by Denise Main

Feb/March: 8 Week Theatre Workshop by Denise Main

January: The Unexpected Guest directed by Richard Womack


October: Cabaret – ‘Hands up for Adultery’ directed by Vanessa MacArthur & Denise Main

July: The Day They Kidnapped The Pope directed by Denise Main

March/April: Dangerous Directions, rehearsed reading of Richard Womack’s own play, directed by Richard Womack

January: Rumors directed by Rebecca Wiles


October: Out of Sight Out of Murder directed by Richard Womack

July: Arsenic & Old Lace directed by Denise Main

January: The Philadelphia Story directed by Kathy Williamson


October: Directors Workshop by Ross Hutcheon

July: Seasons Greetings directed by Rebecca Wiles

April: Anybody For Murder directed by Pieter Koster

March: Pittwater Festival appearance directed by Denise Main



Updated August 2020 by Patricia Quinn (Galileo did nothing)