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April:      Murder Amongst Friends directed by Bill Akhurst

January: Killing Katie: Confessions of a Book Club directed by Tracey Keene


October: The Third Act directed by Robert Longley

July:         Things I Know To Be True directed by Wade Orth

April     The Vegan directed by Vicki Castorina

January:  Operator directed by Bill Akhurst


October: Moon Over Buffalo directed by Ashleigh Haynes

August:   Love Letters directed by Kerrie King

July:        Mr Bennet’s Bride directed by Vicki Castorina


April:       Postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions

January:  Calendar Girls directed by Robert Longley


October:  Corporate Vibes directed by Bill Akhurst

July:          Boeing Boeing directed by Sarah Lovesy

April:        The Odd Couple (Female Version) directed by Vicki Castorina

January:  The Bold, The Young & The Murdered directed by Robert Longley


October:  Fury directed by Jen Davidson

July:          The Accused directed by Kerrie King

April:        Private Lives directed by Sarah Lovesy

January:  Glorious! The Story of Florence Foster Jenkins directed by Tracey Keene


October:  The Actress directed by Bill Akhurst

July:          How the Other Half Loves directed by Kerrie King

April:        The Memory of Water directed by Sarah Lovesy

January:  Hotel Sorrento directed by Jen Davidson


October:  Old Actors Never Die … They Simply Lose the Plot directed by R. Longley

July:          The Cemetery Club directed by Wade Orth

April:        Table Manners directed by Sarah Lovesy

January:   Whose Life Is It Anyway? directed by Kerrie King


October:  Just The Ticket directed by Wade Orth

July:         Wife After Death directed by Bill Akhurst

April:       The Sacred Flame directed by Robert Longley

January:  No production


October:  No production

July:         Moonlight & Magnolias directed by Kerrie King

April:       Minefields & Miniskirts directed by Robert Longley

January:  Over the River and Through the Woods directed by Bill Akhurst


October:  No production

July:         Winter Wit  directed by K. King, V. MacArthur, L. Fuller, B. Akhurst

April:       Emerald City directed by Kerrie King

January:  The Nightingales directed by Ian MacArthur


September:  Wait Until Dark directed by Robert Longley

July:              Natural Causes directed by Bill Akhurst

April:            Blithe Spirit directed by Wade Orth

January:       Curtain Up directed by Kerrie King


October:      You’re Only Young Twice directed by Bill Akhurst

June:            Charitable Intent … and other short plays directed by Martin Bell et al

April:            The Glass Menagerie directed by Wade Orth

January:       No production


October:     Murdered to Death directed by Tracey Keene

July:            One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest directed by Kerrie King and Liz Arday

April:          A Better You directed by Bill Akhurst

January:     No production


December:  Snow White Pantomime directed by Penny Day

October:     Gaslight directed by Wade Orth

July:             Influence directed by Kerrie King

April:           Triple Treat – 3 short plays
directed by Penny Day  
                    A Stroke of Luck directed by Sheila Edwards
                    Last Panto in Little Grimley directed by Kerrie King

January:      Summer End directed by Sheila Edwards


October:     Haywire directed by Kerrie King

July:             Love Begins At Fifty directed by Bill Akhurst and Tracey Keene

April:           Stages Of Life  – 4 short plays
                    Easy Stages directed by Vanessa Macarthur
                    A Light Lunch directed by Tracey Keene
                    Last Respects directed by Louise Forder
                    Last Tango in Little Grimley directed by Kerrie King
Wyong Theatrefest  Last Tango in Little Grimley directed by Kerrie King

January:      Present From The Past directed by Wade Orth


October:  No production

July:             The Movie Game directed by Kerrie King

April:            Relative Values directed by Bill Akhurst

January:       And Then There Were None directed by Ron Hare


October:      Stepping Out directed by Kerrie King and Miriam Rihani

July:             Post-Mortem directed by Denise Main

April:           Tie Break directed by Miriam Rihani

January:      Four Plays Down The Road  – 4 short plays
Have a Nice Day
directed by Kerrie King
                    House Plant directed by Ian MacArthur
                    Face the Music directed by Sheila Edwards
                    Rattling the Railings directed by Bill Akhurst


October:     Good Help Is So Hard To Murder directed by Bill Akhurst

July:            Cat’s Cradle directed by Denise Main

June:           Wyong Theatrefest Failed Investments directed by Vanessa MacArthur

April:          Straight & Narrow directed by Bill Akhurst

January:     Mostly Women – 4 short plays  directed by

Jeannie Sarrington, Dominique Opdam, Denise Main and Vanessa MacArthur


October:     Assembly Line Shuffle  – a RAPA Production directed by Warren Bradey

April:           1000 Miles From Care and other plays directed by Bill Akhurst, Denise Main and John Shearer

July:             No production

January:      Summer of the Seventeenth Doll directed by Denise Main


October:    A Ghost On Tiptoe directed by Sheila Edwards

July:            Penfriends directed by Bill Akhurst

April:          No production

January:     Wanted: One Body! directed by Kathy Williamson


October:    The Touch Of Silk directed by Wade Orth

July:            A Murder Is Announced directed by Richard Womack & Denise Main

April:          No production

January:     Tour Di Europa directed by Denise Main


October:    Money and Friends directed by Bill Akhurst

July:            Key For Two directed by Denise Main

April:          It’s All Done With Mirrors directed by Kerrie King, John Shearer, Vanessa MacArthur and Chris Richardson

January:     Go Back For Murder directed by Richard Womack


October:     Year Nothing [Tamworth Festival] directed by Richard Womack

July:             Caramba’s Revenge directed by Denise Main

April:           Not The Easter Show directed by Denise Main, Vanessa MacArthur, Bill Akhurst & Kathy Williamson

January:      No production


October:      The Prisoner Of Second Avenue directed by Tonya Wheatley

July:              Night Watch directed by Wade Orth

April:            No production

January:       Don’t Drink The Water directed by Bill Akhurst


October:       Call My Bluff, quiz night arranged by Sue Robertson

July:               The Necklace & Other Stories directed by Denise Main

Feb/March:   8 Week Theatre Workshop by Denise Main

January:        The Unexpected Guest directed by Richard Womack


October:        Cabaret – ‘Hands up for Adultery’ directed by Vanessa MacArthur & Denise Main

July:               The Day They Kidnapped The Pope directed by Denise Main

Mar/Apr:       Dangerous Directions rehearsed reading of Richard Womack’s own play, directed by Richard Womack

January:        Rumors directed by Rebecca Wiles


October:       Out of Sight Out of Murder directed by Richard Womack

July:              Arsenic & Old Lace directed by Denise Main

April:            No production

January:      The Philadelphia Story directed by Kathy Williamson


October:     Directors Workshop by Ross Hutcheon

July:            Season’s Greetings directed by Rebecca Wiles

April:          Anybody For Murder directed by Pieter Koster

March:  Pittwater Festival appearance – The Importance of Being Earnest Act One and Talking With (six monologues) directed by Denise Main


October:   Come Fly With Me produced by Kathy Williamson
                  The Case of the Crushed Petunias directed by Bill Akhurst
                  Rinse the Blood Off My Toga directed by Denise Main

July:           A Pair of Shorts –
                  Alas, Dear Reader – A Play directed by Denise Main
                  The Opposite Sex directed by Denise Main

March:      Cabaret Various

January:    Travelling North directed by David Gibbons


October:  Theatre Workshop Various Tutors

July:          Three One Act Plays –
                 Gosforth’s Fete directed by Clare Cavanagh
                 A Slight Accident directed by Wade Orth
                 Just a Song At Twilight directed by Denise Main

April:        Habeas Corpus directed by Jeannie Sarrington


October:  Bedroom Farce directed by Angelika Acock

August:     Theatrefest ’92

                 Just A Song At Twilight directed by Denise Main

July:         Trap For A Lonely Man directed by Sandra Meyer

April:       Revue ’92 Various


December:  Marilou Meets The Dragon directed by Audrey Harpur

October:     Steel Magnolias directed by Nanette Frew

July:             Enter Laughing directed by Denise Main

April:           Revue 25 directed by Sandra Meyer, Jeannie Sarrington and Vanessa Macarthur

January:     No production


December:   The Magic Hand directed by Denise Main

October:      No production

July:             Caravan directed by Peter Landis

April:           Easter Production –
                    Approaching Lavender directed by Denise Main
                    Albert directed by Brian Critchley
                    Please, No Flowers directed by Denise Main

January:      Round And Round The Garden directed by Tony Hopkins


October:      No production

June/July:     Black Comedy directed by Bronwyn Morrow

January:       Scarlet Ribbon directed by Gary Wade


Sept/Oct:     Ausfest –
                    The Centenarian directed by Paul Gregory
                    Louis De Rougemont directed by Anne McMurray
                    The Sex Life Of Snails directed by Robin Gillmore

August:       A Place In The Present (Zenith) directed by Margaret McElroy

July:            Harvey directed by Denise Main

January:     Loot directed by Jane Hodgett


October:    All About Eve directed by Margaret McElroy

April:         The Bed Sitting Room directed by Geoff Saville

January:    Play It Again, Sam directed by Tony Atherton


Aug/Sept:  Real Inspector Hound directed by Paul McElroy
                  Rats directed by Margaret McElroy

May:          Lovers And Other Strangers directed by Tony Atherton


October:  The Soft September Air directed by Joan Packham

May:        A Bird In The Hand directed by Doreen Gray


July:         California Suite directed by Chris Burgess

March:    The Killing Game directed by Brian Critchley


November:    Table Manners directed by Chris Burgess

September:   Workshop –
                      I Never Thought It Would Be Like This directed by Stephen Whitely
                      Is It Something I Said? directed by Maureen Foreman

July:               Pride And Prejudice directed by Muriel Roberts

April:             The Bells Of Hell directed by Patrick Barnett

January:        The Music Hall (2) directed by Shirley Barnett


September:  The Edge Of Darkness directed by Gillian Dunstan

June/July:     The Outside Edge directed by Shelagh Bokenham

February:     The Crucible directed by Shirley Barnett


Sept/Oct:       A Tomb With A View directed by Colin Boalch

May:              The Gingerbread Lady directed by Jennifer Willison

January:        The Matchmaker directed by Shirley Barnett


September:  As You Like It – A Revue directed by John Hunt

May:             Pardon Me, Prime Minister directed by Shelagh Bokenham

January:       The Music Hall (1) directed by Shirley and Patrick Barnett


Aug/Sept:     A Day In The Death Of Joe Egg directed by Joan Packham

May:            Pygmalion directed by Joan Packham
                    The Contract Burial directed by Joan Packham
                    Play directed by Klaus Pinker

January:      6 RMS RIV VU directed by Colin Boalch


Aug/Sept:   The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie directed by Nan Frew

May:           Man Alive directed by Joan Packham

January:     Last Of The Red Hot Lovers directed by Silvija Searle


December:    Aladdin directed by Doreen Grey

September:  The Anniversary directed by Allan Penney

May:              Twelve Angry Men directed by Joan Packham


December:      Marilou Meets The Dragon directed by June Gray

October:         Snow Angel directed by Nan Frew
                       This Isn’t My Scene Man directed by Joan Packham, Newcastle Festival

September:   The Winslow Boy directed by Nan Frew

May:              Cactus Flower directed by Denise Main


December:    Cinderella directed by Jennifer Willison

September:   A Taste Of Honey directed by Keith Paardekooper

May:              The Patrick Pearce Motel directed by Ben Spencer

January:        Ready When You Are, CB directed by Sylvija Searle


December:   The Magic Hand Pantomime, director unknown

May:             Here Lies Jeremy Troy directed by Doreen Boalch

January:       Breath Of Spring directed by Ray Ainsworth


December:    Who’s Taken Bedtime Storyland directed by Jan D’Ambrosio

September:   The Life Of Hercules – Page One directed by June Gray

Aug/Sept:      The Loudest Whisper directed by Jennifer Willison

May:              Picnic directed by George Shaw

January:        The Girl In The Freudian Slip directed by Tony Atherton


December:    Little Red Riding Hood Pantomime, director unknown

September:   Wait Until Dark directed by Nan Frew

May:             Portrait Of Murder directed by Peter Main

January:       My Three Angels directed by Denise Main


September:  The Chalk Garden directed by Jennifer Kerrigan

June:             Theatre Through The Ages Workshop Production

May:             Barefoot In The Park directed by George Shaw

January:       Tunnel Of Love directed by Allan Penney


November:    Blithe Spirit directed by Colin Taylor

August:          Bus Stop directed by Tony Atherton

May:              Come Blow Your Horn directed by Doreen Boalch

January:        As Long As They’re Happy directed by Nan Frew


August:            Dead On Nine directed by Denise Main

May:                Sailor Beware directed by Patricia Taylor


August:            Haul For The Shore directed by Ian Watson

January:          Murder Mistaken directed by Letty Wise, Jean Watson


Aug/Sept:        Wild Goose Chase directed by Ian Watson

January:          See How They Run directed by Ian Watson



Updated April 2023 by  Trish Quinn